Blue Monday Documentary

Regie Ingrid Kamerling / Camera Jefrim Rothuizen / Geluid en 2e camera Willem Sluyterman van Loo / Montage Ralf Verbeek / Geluidsnabewerking & mixage Vladimir Rakic / Kleurcorrectie Barend Onneweer / Muziek Tobias Borkert / Postproductie Rob Maas / Eindredactie KRO-NCRV Jelle Peter de Ruiter / Uitvoerend producent Mascha Arkink / Producent Willem Baptist, Nienke Korthof

Joyce, Jerry and Chester are three young people that struggle with psychosis.
All three are searching in their own way for the truths behind their psychotic experiences.
Jerry and Joyce refuse to believe that their psychoses are nothing but a disease.
Chester experiences these episodes as a living nightmare. Is it possible to find sense in their madness?
Should psychotic episodes be eliminated with medication or should you explore them too?
Is theremeaning in their madness?
If it is up to the three young characters in Blue Monday, the view on sensitivity for psychoses should change.