Vivian, Vivian In het hoofd van mijn zusje

Nederlands Film Festival, Utrecht (Nederland) - Gouden Kalf Competitie
Perugia Social Film Festival, Perugia (Italiƫ) - winnaar PerSo award en Audience award
5th Delhi International Film Festival, New Delhi (India) - Best Documentary award
Scottish Mental Health Film Festival (Glasgow) - Best Mid-Length Documentary

Dir. Ingrid Kamerling
Prod. Basalt Film

Documentary | ''50 | 2015 | Basalt Film

Since five years Vivian, the sister of director Ingrid Kamerling, is no more. What happened to her?
In this creative documentary, Ingrid Kamerling explores what happened to Vivian. She tries to get inside the head of her sister, by way of archival material, material she filmed shortly after the death of her sister, interviews with friends of Vivian and images of the people that were left behind. She tries to come to know Vivian by how people have known her. The images touch upon reality and imagination, subconsciousness, dreams and thoughts. The film records the echo of Vivian's existence; in her remaining stuff, the spaces where she lived, in the memories of people, the road she took to her last deed.