Longitude of love De lengte van liefde

Winnaar Filmprijs Stad Utrecht - debuut competitie NFF 2016

documentary | ''48 | 2016

Dir. Anna Peeters
Prod. Vossenfilms

The film is about Jasmijn (21), who suffered from a stroke two years ago, while she was on holiday. Since then she has been living with acquired brain impairment. At home everything has changed. Not only for her, but also for her parents and two younger brothers. Her mother Peronne is very committed to taking her of her daughter, but finds herself in a constant dilemma: where to guide and where to let go? She takes her daughter by her hand to show her the possibilities within her limitations, but is also a symbol of Jasmijn's restrictions. A new step to independence awaits. The shed in the garden of the family is being transformed into a small home for Jasmijn. Jasmijn and Peronne hope to gain back a part of their own life. But is it still possible for them to let each other go? https://vimeo.com/182314942