Ninnoc IDFA 2015 Best Children’s Documentary

Dir. Niki Padidar
Prod. Zuidenwind Filmproductions

IDFA Award for best youth documentary 2015
Berlinale Special mention for best short film (Kplus)
Mo&Friese (Hamburg International Short Film Festival) Award for best short film for children
Cinema in Sneakers. The Main Prize for the best short film for children. Warsaw, Poland.
Festival International de Cine para Niños. Best documentary. Mexico.
Olympia International Film Festival Children and Young people Best Short-Medium length Documentary.

In the documentary NINNOC you crawl in Ninnoc's head. And find her in an empty school. Can she escape from the group or does she always carry it with her? What part of herself does Ninnoc show and what does she keep hidden? A film about exclusion and inclusion, about being your own, group pressure and the consequences that appear to coincide in the head of the beautiful and self-willed protagonist Ninnoc.