Sexual Healing Documentary

Writer & director: Elsbeth Fraanje | Editor: Ralf Verbeek | Cinematographer: Jefrim Rothuizen | Sound: Susanne Helmer | Composer: Tobias Borkert | Colorist: Barend Onneweer | Sound designer: Vladimir Rakic | Line producer: Mascha Arkink | Producer: Nienke Korthof, Willem Baptist

Audience Award for Mid-Length Documentary Hot Docs 2022

Exploring lingerie, sex toys and the pleasures of her own body for the first time, a middle-aged disabled woman interrogates what physical intimacy means to her. After a lifetime of enduring mostly clinical forms of touch, she yearns for her first gratifying sexual experience. With the support of her friends, caregivers and a Dutch organization that connects disabled people to sex care workers, she builds the confidence needed to prioritize this aspect of her well-being at last. Offering a lens through which we can examine intersections of sexuality, disability and gender, Sexual Healing is an introspective conversation-starter that brings much-needed illumination to an experience that is too often left out of social discourse.

publicatie NRC