Shabu Gouden Kalf beste lange docu 2022

youth documentary, 75 min, 2021

written & directed by Shamira Raphaëla
research Debbie Kleijn
dop Rogier Timmermans, Jefrim Rothuizen
additional camera Jurgen Lisse, Gregg Telussa
director/camera assistant Sebastiaan Boot
sound Diego van Uden, Eric Leek
editing David Verdurme, Lykle Tuinstra
sound design Regard Ibrahim
composer Michael Varekamp
music supervisor René Thie
grading Franck Ravel
post supervisor Rob Maas
trailer Pandemie
sales agent Reservoir Docs
distributor Cinema Delicatessen
co-producers Diplodokus, Human
Produced by Tangerine Tree

ECFA Award for best documentary 2022,
Gouden Kalf beste lange documentaire 2022

About the winning film the jury states:
Supported by the amazing camerawork and the great moodsetting beats of the soundtrack, this movie gives us an inside in a particular neighbourhood. Through the eyes of the main character, a 14-year-old boy, we get a picture of his family, his passion for music, his first love, his friends, etc...he energy and the lust for life bursts out of the screen in this documentary about an ambitious teenager rooted in close family ties. Despite his easy ging acts, he shows a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility, depicted mainly in the love for his grandmother. Ultimately "Shabu" is the perfect example of a contemporary coming of age documentary and therefore the winner of the ECFA Award as best documentary.

Publicatie VOLKSKRANT ****